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absentee ballot ny

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New York State bsentee Ballot pplication Please print clearly See detailed instructions/ 2/ Town/City/Ward/Dist This application must either be personally delivered to your county board of elections not later than the day before the election or postmarked by a governmental postal service not later than 7th day before election day The ballot itself must either be personally delivered to the board of elections no later than the close of polls on election day or postmarked by a governmental...
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hi Im here to show you how to apply for an absentee ballot to vote in the election coming up go to the website where I can print it out this is the request Dutchess County Board of Election actions you can also do this easily with New York State Board of Elections on the Duchess County site it says forms there on the Left forms for voting and heres the absentee ballot request Im going to click on that here it is print this out Ive gotten this from the printer its one sheet so were just gonna fill in these lines here Im number one Im requesting my absentee ballot for this reason in my case its absence Ill be away number two its gonna Im requesting it for the general election in my case November 6 2018 I fill in my last name first name date of birth the county where I live and the address my residence now in line 6 Im not interested in the primary election ballot so Im gonna not fill that in at all the 7th delivery of general election ballot now in this case I want it to be mailed to me so Im gonna check this here but you can also go into the Board of Elections in your county office and fill this in right in front of them give it to them and you get the ballot right there you can take it home and send it in or you could fill it in right there if I wanted to do that I would click you know I would mark this deliver to me in person right there thats a great experience everyone should try it and then Im gonna sign here and then put todays date ok I filled out my form I now need to know where to send it so it has to go to your County Board of Elections in my case its Dutchess County Board of Elections if you live in another County in New York State please make sure youre on their website because you need to go probably to the bottom of the page and click on contact to get the address in this case its going to be Dutchess County Board of Elections 47 Cannon Street for kissing New York so now I have put in the address 47 Cannon Street as it is on the website and I put a stamp on it and now Im gonna put my return address here on the corner and then smell all right Ive now gotten my envelope in the mail from Dutchess County Board of Elections its a big orange envelope heartiness and its got three things its the ballot has inner envelope and it has the return envelope and on the back of this one which has been initialed in person by the way are the instructions and you can read these pretty simple so lets just start with the ballot I unfolded its a big one this year and most people have seen this kind of ballot before its the same format you use the polls you fill in the circle dont check dont X some people go across as a party some people go to the political position for instance here and then they go down and choose the choices one you choose one for each column actually it says that if its for two or any other difference these are all one okay on the back check the back this in this case theres a proposition here in polling and this is to increase...